Choosing Antique Lighting Fixtures

Antique Lighting - Best Lighting Fixtures and Antique Chandeliers to Choose

Whether you want to create a genuine antique setting or want replicas or reproduction to create a style, you will find a lot of sites on the internet on which to browse and buy antique lighting fixtures.

Some companies can offer advice and help in your search, such as the Antique Lighting Co. which will give you some guidelines on how to find better lighting. To themAntique Lighting Chandelier SGD Caldwell Huge Bronze 12 Arm Ambient fill-in lighting is one of the most important elements to consider. They also explain that to obtain this effect you should use a soft white light washing the ceiling into the corners of the room and bouncing off the walls. Antique lighting sconces are great to create this effect

(Antique Lighting - Pair of SGD Caldwell Huge Bronze 12 Arm Antique Chandeliers sold recently at auction by C&C Auctions for $20,000)
When lighting the dining room for instance what do you want? A drop or a chandelier? If you chose a chandelier, the electric bulbs should be of low voltage. And to provide fill light, you should add sconces. You’ll have to take into account the height of the ceiling and the width of the table to chose the height and the diameter of the light fixture. On the other hand the drop bowl, will give your room a marvellous source of light which is not direct and washes the whole room.

To light the kitchen antique lighting pendants are perfect over islands, open counters or sinks as they are a good source of light for performing kitchen tasks under. These can be supplemented by light over cabinets that don’t light the ceiling.
Antique Lighting Chandelier Gilt Bronze 6 Arm with Eagle Head
In the bedroom at least one kind of sconce has to be used to give a fill light effect, otherwise the lighting fixtures should reflect the taste and needs of the people who use the room. Lighting fixtures near the bed will be needed.

(Antique Lighting - Gilt Bronze 6 Arm with Eagle Head Antique Chandelier sold recently for $1057 by C&C Auctions)

The exterior lighting is quite important as it makes your house safe and inviting. There are antique lighting lanterns for the porch and entrance of the house, although you will have to find these on other sites as the Antique Lighting Co. doesn’t seem to have any, at least not on their site directory.

Finally, you need to check the materials - most antique chandeliers were made from brass, wrought iron, bronze, nickel, and crystal. If you see so-called antique lighting made from polished steel, then look elsewhere.

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